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Hollywood vs housewife sisters fascinated by how people think.  a fun conversational podcast with heart.


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Episode 77 - Interview with Hairstylist Carla Reynolds for "Things Are Getting Hairy"

Episode 62 - Girls Trips, Moms Nights Out, Female Friendships

See Weens as an extra in The Rookie S2 at 1:07. She is wearing red and yellow and was Facetiming with Mouse in this shot! LOL. Don't blink!

Mama We Love You

Weens on the Job

Ep 26 Weens On Sounding Like Dolly Parton

Weens Commercial Parody "Stoopid Phone" as discussed/disgust in Episode 19
Weens Commercial Parody "Stoopid Phone"

Weens Commercial Parody "Stoopid Phone"

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

People watching at the spa pool

Touring the resort grounds. Amazing scenery! =

Weens scaring the granola-eaters

Yanni giving Weens a massage

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