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Episode 31 Coming Out and Jealousy

Weens is at her property in Joshua Tree right now amidst windstorms, and Mouse is at home but explains that being anonymous is really weighing on her. She feels like she has a secret life doing this podcast in her suburban world. Weens has been outed in her interview with Brian Pawlowski in The Lazy Teacher Podcast. Her name is Julianne Eggold! So with that, we’re starting to put our faces out there and might become public soon. The stress and worry about fellow parents and teachers finding out about Mouse’s imperfect past is manifesting physically (or is it hormones?), so she’ll have to get over this soon!

Mouse surmises that all parents have a gross past of some sort or another, including Judge Kavanaugh, who Mouse calls a “douchebag jock turd”. Those are the kind of guys who scare Julianne with what they are capable of. We make a plan to put all of those douchebags on an island together. Squi and Tobin can hang out in the corner lifting weights, while the rest play with their football and have some brewskis. We throw in some lube and melons, and then Mouse has to expound on her plan to start a fruit porn industry. Let’s sexualize fruit so that horny guys can rape melons and nobody will get hurt. How about sexy wet clay? Nice sexy pillows? Weens takes it a step further and adds elements of the earth like buckets of dried beans as a pleasurable place to put your parts. (She also says something about a bucket of sand but on further thought after listening back to this podcast, wouldn’t that chafe a little?!) With Julianne’s film background, we could start a fruit porn company. She knows the perfect yes-man to star in our first film. Her mailman Roberto. He is happy to do anything she asks!

We get into the subject of jealousy and answer a question from a listener who wrote in. Our buddy Ross from the UK has been chucked by his girlfriend. (Side story about why Weens yells “Ross” whenever she hears it!) The girlfriend thought she saw a photo of Ross with another girl but he claims he doesn’t know what she was talking about. Weens thinks the girl isn’t mature or healthy enough to be in a relationship. Two people should be able to talk it through, explain their fears, and then work it out with their partner. If she’s not willing to do that, then maybe it’s a good thing that she broke up and it’s time to move along.

Mouse has a different perspective and thinks that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Maybe Ross has some flirty ways that he’s not aware of and she’s picking up on something. Girls usually have good female intuition, so she might be on the girl’s side in this situation. Bottom line – we need more information and would love for Ross to write again or call in. There are two sides to every story an we will let you know what we hear.

(Follow up: He wrote that they are trying to work it out. She has been cheated on in the past, so now suspects his every move. He is exhausted, but is trying to be patient and build up her trust. Good for you Ross. Let us know how it works out!) 

Mouse shares a story about jealousy, and we talk about whether guys and girls can truly just be friends. Weens is realizing more and more that this may not truly be possible, citing that “guys have that wiener to drag around their whole life and they want to stick it in more than just their partner.” Well said! Are nerds less jealous than egotistical people? Maybe it’s less nerd and more age, maturity and confidence that makes for better relationships.

Jealousy also morphs into envy, especially in career envy. Julianne is happy for anyone who has success in the entertainment industry but inside wonders why her career hasn’t reached that level. But to admit that is embarrassing and feels bad as a baseline negative emotion. A female mentor of Weens’ told her that she used to be like that too, but that as she got older, she realized it was exhausting and made a decision to say “I will no longer waste my mental energy doing that to myself or anyone else.” We’ve heard that to have that envy can be a bit healthy though, because it can point out to the person what is missing and where they can put more effort into their work.

We share stories about career paths and that it is important to analyze your dream job and ask what would it really look like. For instance, it might take many more hours, it might take you away from your family, or you might miss out on socializing. Realizing what the career path would really entail and truly be like might help you settle into your emotions about it. Mouse has two jealousy/envy stories of competition and why she couldn’t be a doctor. The Tale of the Nellie Olsen Love Triangle and The Tale of the Pesto Gauze are at 30:35!

A co-worker of Weens’, Jackson DeFreest, does a fact check on jealousy versus envy. Hear this cute clip of Jack the Stripper and see why his celebrity lookalike is John Denver on our Facebook Group page. He is an accountant on The Rookie and also plays guitar. Hear his Nina Simone cover song which we use as outro music on this episode (Jesse Biggio and Jackson DeFreest "Feelin Good"). He talks dogs being jealous, a Homer and Lisa Simpsons meme, and the fact that most people are jealous but like to hide it. He concludes that most people, including himself, are jealous mother-effers!

We argue both sides of an issue: whether to focus on self-promotion or to promote others. Julianne has had moments where, in work, she could have shared the burden writing for shows, but then she declined, competitively saying, “Nobody is going to take this opportunity away from me that I’ve worked so hard to get because it’s so rare”. She has also been burned in the past, helping others in the industry too much and not focusing as much on herself. It seems that in entertainment not many people look back and return the favor. She has friends in bands who have gotten famous and have moved on, forgetting their old friends. Is this bad behavior, or is this just how the industry works because the parameters of their lives change so much with fame? We’re sure many rap stars and comedians fall into that category too. There are a select few who do stay true to their roots, like Adam Sandler, Kevin Smith, and “Tall John” John Schroeder of Bob’s Burgers.

Mouse feels strongly that only good things come from promoting others, reciting a favorite phrase “A rising tide lifts all boats”. If you help someone out and they climb the resulting ladder, the hope is that they’ll look back positively on you and have the opportunity to help you out too. Positivity begets positivity. She sees it in the podcasting community, where indie podcasts come together in support groups and help each other out, creating networks to go out and hopefully make money together. We live for ratings and reviews as a way to monetize our podcasts, so need to give each other a leg up. But it seems there are some podcasts that are competitive too and give each other bad ratings, which Mouse can’t fathom because to fight over listeners and numbers is small-minded when there are about 7 billion people on earth! There is enough for everyone. We don’t have to hold onto our little pie wedge, our one nut! We need to realize there are more nuts on the ground!

In the spirit of boat-lifting, we list some favorite podcasters who are wonderful examples of good, kind, supportive people.

  • One is Emma Willmann, a comedian in New York but from a small town in Maine with a few podcasts. She has a podcast Inside the Closet with Matteo Lane, and they are both on a stand-up Netflix special called The Comedy Lineup. She also has a podcast The Secret Keepers Club with comedian Carly Aqualino. These are both amazingly funny podcasts – check them out! Mouse found her originally as a co-host on Taste of Taylor, a podcast from The Taylor Strecker Show (originally Wake Up With Taylor on Sirius, Mouse’s old favorite morning radio show – a listener for 11 years!). There she talked about helping other comedians in the industry and how they have returned the favor as she gets into acting (see her in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). She is a great example of women empowering women and deserves all the love and adoration that she is on track for. Support this cool man-one chick!
  • Another is Paul Csomo, of Blazing Caribou Studios and creator of Underdog Pods, which is a wonderful community helping podcasters. He has an awesome podcast with co-host Donna Hume called Varmints! It is all about fun, weird and interesting facts about animals, is family friendly, and is super educational. They have a great style, rapport, and a very nice production, so please be sure to check them out. Paul has become a true friend of the show, and of Mouse, and is our main squeeze when it comes to online promotions. He’s level headed, says what he feels, and is a truly respectable gent full of kind bones. We ask ourselves often “WWPD?”, and proceed accordingly!
  • Not mentioned in this episode but talked about often in others are our friends
  • They are solid people with very cool podcasts, and deserve many shout-outs, back pats, accolades, chocolates, and orgasms while we’re at it! Thank you for being cornerstones of Mouse and Weens!

We close it up with ways you can support too! Please tell your friends, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) rate and review (iTunes)! That is how we can climb this podcast ladder. And feel free to write us with anything! Many thanks and much love!

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