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Episode 24 - Platonic Friends, Good Cop Bad Cop, Ball Questions, and Bachata

There is a heat wave everywhere, Southern Cal included, and it hit 116 degrees in Burbank. Nope, it’s not global warming because that’s just all a hoax. San Diego had some thunderstorms, which lead Weens to ask: Can you have a thunderstorm without rain? We did a fact check and YES, there is such a thing as a dry thunderstorm with small droplets that evaporate before they hit the ground.

Weens tells a story of Joshua Tree, being in the heat, fixing up her and Blake’s AirBnB rental house in 120-degrees, and how it was scary that you would just have to stop and stare and you would forget what you were doing! One day they thought the cat got out of the house, so they walked around the desert looking for the her, called radio stations and even called animal shelters. Weens cracks up describing our Mom walking through the desert with a long hat flapping in the hairdryer wind like Lawrence of Arabia. They finally found the cat sleeping under the comforter.

Blake is Weens friend, a past ex, and they were frustrated filmmakers together in the Bay Area. They made a student film called Mouse Cam before there were Go Pros, where they put a camera on a skateboard and followed a mouse tail down hallways. We get into the subject of inside jokes and hear about Mouse’s high school friends, two favorite inside jokes being “All red, these are the ones for me” and “Popcorn Balls” while trick or treating on Halloween. Inside jokes never translate but maybe that’s where skits and sketches come from.

Blake is married, Weens and he have the JT house together, and they have a brother sister relationship. He tells her she is controlling about driving, and Mouse agrees. Weens is too quick to tell people to go at the green light, and she defends her fast mouth by comparing cars to ants. If one ant stalls, then 200 ants behind it do too. Mouse asks whether men and women can truly be platonic friends? Weens says Yes, if they learn to turn off the intrigue and flirting. Mouse surmises that at some point the scales will be tipped and someone will be attracted to the other. Maybe this is because guys have a penis so will always have that factored in. Can that be turned off? They always have to drag them around and sit on them!

Where do penises go when a man runs or sits? You can see it on the new Sarah Silverman show “I Love You, America”. In the front row of her audience in her first show, she showed two nudists full frontal to try to break down the barriers of our hangup with bodies. It was a closeup shot of their genitals and Mouse was surprised to see that the balls just sit there on the seat too. What about sweaty balls? What is Gold Balm for? If guys are extra anxious, do balls sweat more? When guys adjust, are they moving their penis or unsticking their balls? When Weens worked with Morgan Spurlock and Brian Henson, Jim Henson’s son, on a documentary “Guano” that never got released, Morgan described “bat wings” to Weens – when the scrotum gets stuck to both sides of a guy’s thighs! Weens would marry Morgan. We need ball answers!

We segue into talking about relationships being busy, but Weens gets distracted by an album cover that is peeking over her laptop Home Improvement or Ziggy style. Please see our social media* to see what ‘Waiter, There’s a Fly In My Soup’ musician she’s talking about! 

Mouse is trying to keep the kids off screens while all three are home during the summer, and we talk about being the rule-enforcing parent. Mouse and her husband end up doing good cop, bad cop parenting, whether they want to or not, and their 12 year old has made it apparent that mom is the parent that always says ‘no’. But Mouse wants to be the good cop!

Weens says the kids will always think of her as the sweet cuddly mom, and this reminds her to talk about her love of the new Mr. Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” You will always remember some person who has helped you along in life and how little we really think about that in daily life. It brings you back to the fundamental core of humanity: listen, don’t judge. And they have a scene of the puppet king building a wall to keep everyone out and maintain power. The movie audience all stayed until the very last credit and everyone was crying. We talk about being raised on Mr. Rogers and we remember it being boring, but maybe because we were older and distracted by the Thundercats! We didn’t watch a lot of TV and we thought we were a bohemian hippie family. But we were actually just a regular suburban family we think, that ate healthy. Mouse reads a tweet from the Dalai Lama about affection.

We close out, but add on an interview with Weens’ houseguest and childhood friend Jennifer. She grew up in the Bay Area, but now lives in New York. They talk about traveling to Tijuana and debate whether it’s safe or not given the drug cartels. Jen tells a story about her Arizona uncle asking about Mexican flavor at a Dominican restaurant and embarrassed her. She talks about her boyfriend who is Dominican and dancing the Bachata. It is her favorite Latin couples dance, it is a lot like the Bolero, and the music and lyrics are really about love – longing, lust, desire – in the past, present and future. “Hear” her dance as Weens tries to describe what she’s seeing.

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