mouse and weens

Hollywood vs housewife sisters fascinated by how people think.  a fun conversational podcast with heart.

Two sisters, one single in Hollywood,
one settled in the suburbs.

Join us on this adventure through
a conversation of human behavior!
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It's not Mouse and Wiens, it's not Mouse and Weins, it's Mouse and Weens! We started this podcast to share our daily musings and observations, to interview fascinating people, and to talk about why in the world we are the way we are.  We might be serious, we might be kind of dorky. But what we really want is to have fun and thoughtful conversations that bond us all together.


We are Southern California girls, living different walks of life. Weens is Julianne: the younger sister, single and working in the entertainment industry. Mouse is Joelle: the older sister, a stay at home mom of three, living in some fancy 'burbs in San Diego.
We might talk childhood memories and teenage adventures, discuss dating, marriage and family, get deep with philosophy and psychology, or go behind the scenes with entertainers, celebrities, friends and family. Hopefully we will see each others' perspectives although there might be disagreements. But the bottom line is learning about fascinating human behavior and having fun doing so. We hope you enjoy the podcast!



  • What is your podcast about? ​Our podcast is about relating in the world today as two women in our 40’s. We are sisters set out to discuss our day to day lives in a humorous way. Our slice-of-life conversational comedy, and occasional interview format, includes stories and topics on self-care, spiritual wellness, parenting, art, nutrition, friendship, pop culture, family and relationships. We believe that laughter is the best medicine. We seek to entertain listeners to provide a happy escape, and to leave you with the feeling of positivity and friendship.
  • What does Weens do in Hollywood?  Weens - Julianne - is the little sister and the single, funny one. She is a Los Angeles girl working in the entertainment industry on TV and movie sets. She writes, directs, films, and acts in both theater and film productions. Julianne is also a musician, comedian, humanitarian, animal lover, and specializes in spirituality and personal growth. See her works here
  • What does Mouse do? Mouse - Joelle - is the big sister and the married, nerdy one. She is a stay at home mom of 3 in the San Diego suburbs with a background in science, biotech, and graphic design. Her passions are fitness, genealogy, doing this podcast and its social media, and volunteering in the garden at her kids' school and in the community. That, and teaching her kids to be good people and to wipe properly.

​​We really want to connect with you and start a community. If you relate to any of the topics that we discuss, please reach out! We'd love to hear from you! or anonymously on our contact form


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